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BIOME+ Cleansing Balm


Combining the softness of a cream with the slip of a cleansing oil, this skin-nurturing cleansing balm gently dissolves the day, creating a super-soft, hydrated canvas for serious skincare. With microbiome-friendly fermented squalane derived from 100 percent sugarcane, it helps to optimize the skin's protective barrier, melting away makeup, sunscreen and impurities without stripping or leaving skin with a tight feeling. It gently replenishes and soothes, putting essential moisture back into the skin to support a healthy moisture barrier. Nourishing plant oils release a burst of moisture to comfort dry skin. It's a complete but non-stripping deep cleanse boosted with nourishing, naturally derived benefits to create the perfect prep step for your skincare routine. The experience:The smooth, creamy oil-based texture features the zest of natural grapefruit extract for a light, fresh and awakening scent. Who it's for:All skin types


  • Fermented squalane | A plant-based emollient that is derived from renewable sugarcane using a biotech-based fermentation process. It provides a rapid and long-term moisturizing effect, helping to support a healthy moisture barrier.
  • Ashwagandha | An adaptogenic plant that helps to strengthen the skin barrier against the effects of oxidative stress and promote smooth, radiant skin
  • Plant oils | A blend of nourishing buchu leaf and orange peel oils that replenish moisture in the skin
  • Lactic acid | A gentle alpha hydroxy acid that helps to smooth the skin

  • Hybrid oil-crème texture softens skin and melts away oil, dirt and impurities with ease
  • Skin-nurturing formula leaves skin soft and hydrated
  • Perfect as a pre-cleanse to remove long-wear makeup
  • Microbiome-friendly squalane from sugarcane moisturizes the skin and helps to support a healthy skin barrier
  • Nourishing plant oils release a burst of moisture to comfort dry skin
  • Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic plant, helps to reduce moisture loss and leave skin with a healthy glow
  • Biorius Natural Certified
  • Animal test-free certified by PETA
  • Certified Vegan by The Vegan Society
  • Non-comedogenic

  • Apply to dry skin and massage for 1 minute. Tissue off or rinse with water.