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How often should I get a facial?

Facial frequency depends on the condition of your skin and what your skin goals are. It could range from once a week to once a month. The best results come when you maintain your home care regimen with a professional service.

Will a facial cause me to break out?

A light breakout is still possible after receiving a treatment. The products and massage may cause purging.

What are extractions?

Extractions are the removal of impacted pores - such as blackheads. Removal of these aid in reducing pore size.

What does a facial do for the skin?

Facial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin to promote a clear, well hydrated skin.

Can I wear makeup after my facial?

Yes! Some people love that post facial glow and do not feel the need to, but your skin will continue to glow even if you apply makeup post facial.

What does a facial do? Is there more to it than relaxation?

Yes! Skin care treatments paired with great skin care products should be recognized as a way of life for anyone who wants to look and feel great!

What does “customized facial” mean?

A customized facial means we will decide on the products used based on your skin type, condition, and skin goals.

Can I get a facial while pregnant?

Absolutely! Our treatments are safe and will help improve ever changing skin during pregnancies.

Are there facials for men?

Absolutely- men would receive the same consultation and skin analysis as ladies and their facial would be customized to their skin type, condition, and skin goals.


How do I sign up for a membership?

You are smart! 😉 Save some money and get some self-care! You can sign-up online, just follow the “Become A Member” link or when you come in for your appointment in the studio, or if you want to hear our sweet voice, just call us at the studio where you want to get your regular facials. Super easy.

What exactly is your member pricing?

We believe in fair and transparent pricing and rewarding those who want to commit to healthy skin. Thus, our members enjoy discounted treatments as our thank you for their loyalty and to make to make skin care an affordable monthly must-have routine. As a member, you will always pay our member prices. Your monthly member fee will be applied towards any treatment (except for the Collective Express Facial). For any treatment which is priced higher than your monthly fee, you will only pay the difference on member price.

Do I get a discount on skincare products for being a member of the Collective?

Yes! Healthy skin requires a solid at home skincare regimen. We have curated amazing products to support you and your skin at home. As our member, you will always receive 10% discount on any products and when you sign up to become a member of the Collective, we give you little extra discount as our thank you!

Can I use a gift card for my membership payment?

You may use a gift card towards your first membership payment upon sign-up, but a valid credit or debit card is required on file for all future monthly payments. We don’t accept cash.

Can I suspend/freeze my membership payment?

Are you taking a two-month vacation traveling across Asia? Lucky you! We got you. You can suspend your membership payments for up to two months if you know you will not be able to come in. No membership fee will be charged, and no new credits will be added to your account. Once you are back, we simply un-freeze your account, your monthly billing starts and your skin can get some lovin again!

Can I share my membership?

We get it, you love our services so your partner, husband, mom, dad, or your dog will love them too! But seriously, membership can’t be shared, it is only for your skin. You deserve to get a facial at least once per month. But tell them how great we are and when they join, we will give you a $10 referral credit which you can use towards anything in the studio! 😉 That’s our way to say “Thank you! You are the best!”

I can't make it in for a facial this month – please help.

Daily and monthly skin care self-care ritual is what will make the biggest difference, but we get it, life can sometimes get in the way. Your monthly facial credit will roll-over so you will not lose it; how cool is that? 😉 Any unused facial credits will roll-over for a maximum of three months. Accumulated credits can be used towards any services.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

We hate break-ups, but we will let you go if you decide to leave us. So yes! All we ask to give us heads-up, 30-day notice to be exact. We ask to let us know in writing by sending it to the studio email address where you purchased your membership, so we know you are serious!

Can I gift my monthly facial to someone?

Aren’t you just selfless! We want to be your friend. 😊 Yes, you can, and they will love you for it! You can gift up to 2 facials per year to whomever you want. Grab our awesome gift card at the studio and we will happily add your credit on it. Add some products while you are at it and there you go, you have an amazing gift for every occasion! Or just send us an email or call us with the person’s contact information who will be coming in for an appointment and we will take care of the rest. Keep in mind, late cancel or no-show fee will apply if your friend or family don’t show!

What is your member loyalty program?

Loyalty is special and we appreciate it greatly! Therefore, for every dollar you spend with us while you are an active member, you will receive a loyalty point. We may give you extra loyalty points from time-to-time as well just because it may be the right thing to do……And for every 1,000 points, you will get a $50 gift card from us to spend on any of our awesome skincare products. How cool is that? 😉

Can I use my membership at other facial collective studios?

Absolutely! Skin’s regenerative cycle last about 28 days (gets longer with age which sucks). This means you shouldn’t have to wait more than a month to use your membership and get yourself our facial if you are out of town. Just find your local facial collective wherever you are and use your membership to book and pay for services (if we are not there yet, let us know and we will open one there asap 😉). Our member price may differ at different studios and you may be asked to pay the difference between the member service prices. That’s not our fault by the way. It is all about the cost of doing business in that area. Talk to the politicians about that.

Skincare Enhancements

Why do I need an eye treatment?

The primary roles of an eye treatment are prevention and protection. Skin tissue around the eyes is some of the thinnest on the body. The area also lacks oil glands, which means the delicate layers of skin are easily dehydrated and susceptible to environmental damage.

Is the eye treatment a permanent solution?

No, however, with regular home care and facial services, you will notice quicker and longer-lasting results.

What are the benefits of using an eye roller? 

The roller can stimulate blood flow and help your skin look brighter. Rolling also decreases puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Can I add the lip and eye treatment to every service? 

All of our skincare treatments can be upgraded with a lip and eye treatment!

What benefits does a lip treatment offer?

Our lip treatment will make your lips smooth and hydrated. It also provides nourishment and elasticity to your lips and the skin around it.

Does the lip treatment help with anti-aging?

Yes! Bakuchiol is one of the main ingredients in our lip treatment, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Is the enzyme scalp treatment good for all hair types?

Yes! This unique formula will work with all skin and hair types.

Do I need to wash my hair before receiving an enzyme scalp treatment? 

No, this product works best on unwashed hair and then wash after treatment.


When do you see the results? 

Fillers: Immediately.  You will see the results immediately, but there will likely be some swelling to create an even bigger effect than you will see with your final results.
Toxin: 3-10 days.  You won't see any effects immediately.  It will take several days for the results to "kick in".  It will happen gradually until you see the full results in 7-10 days.

Can you exercise after treatment?

Fillers.  Yes, you shouldn't need to take any time away from your normal exercise routine.
Toxin.  Yes, but avoid activities where you invert your head like prolonged headstands or similar exercise.

What happens if you don't get repeat treatment?

Fillers: Nothing at all.  The fillers gradually disintegrate and you gradually go back to your baseline appearance.
Toxin: Nothing at all. Your muscles simply recover their strength and make the expressions that they did at baseline. 

Does it hurt?

Fillers: We use anesthetic techniques to minimize discomfort.  That being said, we do need to puncture the skin to deliver the fillers, but it is very tolerable.
Toxin: We use tiny needles to deliver the treatment, and the treatment goes very quickly, so it's minimal discomfort.  

What is the "downtime" of treatment?

Fillers: None. You can return to normal activities and wear makeup within a few minutes of treatment.  A moderate amount of swelling is expected, but usually not noticeable to others.  Bruising is not usual, but it is possible and may last 1-2 weeks.  If you are known to bruise easily then notify us so that we can let you know what steps you can take to prevent this.   
Toxin: None.  You can mostly return to normal activities immediately and wear makeup within a few minutes of treatment. 

How long do results last?

Fillers: Expect to need treatment again in a year for the same area. Older patients require re-treatment sooner.  The effects wear off gradually, so it's somewhat dependent on your subjective opinion, i.e. "I like my lips a little fuller and don't want to go back to my baseline size".
Toxin: Every 2.5 - 4 months.  Once you've been getting toxin for a while (several treatments) then your muscles will be trained and you'll need treatment less often.

How do I need to prepare for treatment?

Fillers: Nothing in particular.  If you are planning for an event, plan for treatment approximately 2-4 weeks before your event.  
Toxin: Nothing in particular. If you are planning for an event, plan for treatment 1-2 weeks before your event.

Shipping and Return Policy

What is your shipping policy and who do you use for shipping?

We use USPS and UPS, depending on the customer's preference for shipping speed and cost. Online orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders received before 12pm ET, will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 12pm ET, will ship the next day.

I haven’t received my order yet, what should I do?

If you haven’t received your order in over a week, please check your tracking number. You can also contact us at

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost will be provided upon checkout. We offer free shipping on orders of $150 or more within the United States.

I would like to return purchased product, what should I do?

Our return policy is 14 days from the date you receive your product. Product must be unused and without any damage. Send an email to with your order number and we will email you a return label. Refund will be processed once we receive the product back.


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