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Common Botox Misconceptions

Common Botox Misconceptions
Have you been misled by these common Botox misconceptions? Let's chat with our experienced & Registered Nurse Injector, Paige, to see what she has to say!

Q: Will my face be frozen? I want to still look like "me"!

Botox is dose dependent. In other words, the result and look is based on how many units you get. The dose given to you at 25 is typically going to be much different than treating someone at 55. Our goal is never to alter an appearance in a negative way. Our treatments have one main priority — enhance the beauty that you already have. Think: Refreshed & natural, not frozen & fake!

Q: Isn't it a waste of money if I don't have any wrinkles yet?

Self-care is never a waste! Investing in your confidence carries over into every aspect of your life. From a financial point of view, preventative Botox actually benefits you financially in the future. Getting regular maintenance preventative treatments while utilizing a minimal number of units prevents you from needing significantly larger amounts in the future along with expensive corrective, often invasive, treatments. When you start treatments a younger age, you’re stopping those muscles from forming deep wrinkles in the first place. Think about it: If you take care of something consistently over the years, it will last longer.

Q: Doesn't getting Botox done too early lead to more pronounced wrinkles later?

No! For best results with aging, maintenance is key. Getting regular treatments done preventatively will decrease permanent lines from forming. Now let's say you get Botox for a year consistently then suddenly stop. Will your wrinkles be worse? Well, there’s two answers. Yes, of course YOU will think your wrinkles look worse or more noticeable, as t here’s no Botox to stop the lines from forming. However, the wrinkles you will see are going to be much less severe than if you were to have never had Botox treatments done at all.

Regardless of how you look at it, preventative Botox is a smart investment for anyone looking for benefits now and later! Enhanced beauty now, extended confidence in the years to come.

Book a complimentary consult with Paige. With our flat-rate pricing at facial collective, we take the stress & guesswork out of unit calculations and provide a custom plan with your skincare goals in mind!

*a la carte Botox per unit available upon request

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